more line stuff.


someone asked me to do something like this again. i’m trying to figure out how i do my lines too, so i ended up analyzing myself as i made this. it’s all about the feels man. i left them in hi res, and hopefully people can figure me out.

basically, just vary your line width in the right spots.

amadante_lineartthis is the lineart for the dante x ammy drawing. not hi res of course. :p but my linearts really are that messy. being clean gives me a headache. ive no patience for that!


workdoodle_been a while since i got the chance to do one of these. it’s a bit messier than usual and it doesn’t really continue off from any of the others.

the joke is that holding hands is too lewd, so lets hold boobs instead. that’s how this idea came about.

that big brother character wont appear again. i just needed to fill up space in that corner.