Hello all the people at Arev that we met but don’t remember names to

not that we’re especially douche-y. I remember some bits. There was the cheaper-than-shit booth that was total jelly of my cardboard stand; held together by duct tape and green packaging twine. The girl that asked for more dicks than I could count on one hand. A couple artists I promised to find again later but I neglected to ask for the location of their table. Some girl that had a pretty high-level zettai ryouki and got a free sketch a place in my heart. A guy that had a pretty high level zettai ryouki and got a permanent spot in my memory. Some sketch trades I wish I made time for. Some commissions I wish I didn’t. And that dude that was just weird (probably you).

And that travel mug of coffee at my table? It wasn’t coffee. You’ll have to do your best to sympathize with my adult struggles and necessary vices. Sakuracon we may have had some cookies on the table as well.

Same story for AX. Here’s some [stuff I remembered to take photos of] of sketch commissions I did this year.





Neptunia PVC Straps are in the MW shop!

2015-08-12 04.25.32


I’ve always wanted my favorite goddess with me so I had some of these made based on my chibi drawings! If the main goddesses sell well, I’ll have the goddess candidates straps made as well. They are being sold for $7 each.

A link to the store is at the top of the website or you can click here: MW Store

They are scheduled to ship on August 19th. Preorder status will be removed then.

I’m so happy to finally have a Neptune with me all the time now~ :’3



im poor, pls help


Hi, since I’m not doing so well for money, I’m opening commissions. my pricing is as follows:

grayscale: $100
full color: $200
(prices in USD, payment via paypal)

the above images are an indicator of what you can expect for this price.
if the image is particularly complex (ie significantly more than the examples) or nsfw, you can expect the price to be higher than listed.

if you’re interested, send me an email detailing what you’d like to: doyora (at) gmail.com.

thanks for looking!

animerevolution 2015

Hi guys, I’m gonna be at animerevolution in Vancouver next week from the 14th to the 16th, at artist alley table 46 where I’ll be sharing with Rift and possibly Tetsu. if you’re coming too, drop by and say hi.

here are some of the new prints I’m selling:


splatoon_tabloid final_2s