how mako was made

i cant sexualize mako so i sexualize her mom instead. i’m still learning new stuff.

vanillai drew so many guys at the recent convention that i felt the need to draw boobs and lewd stuff. i wanna be better at drawing lewd. ;_;

only real wives motorboat their husbands.

real wives do this for their husbands

I still haven’t watched this series

/a/ request
“Requesting Mikoto giggling manically as Kuroko teleports a puddle of cum off of a public bathroom floor into a piece of cake that Misaki is shoveling in her mouth.” I switched up some details but hey im in charge

btw hey kikimaru stop uploading my art to danbooru, I’m still a banned artist so what is the point??? thanks.


Some of us are going to be at Sakuracon next weekend, So i guess if you happen to go, you should probably drop by. With the right amount of thigh highs and money, i’m sure one of us can draw you anything you want.

We are probably the best people you’ll ever meet at that place :D

We are located at Table 304 and 306. Middle row, included a map for those who can’t understand my directions.

ahrisakuracon sakuracontables

(Exhibitor hall is on the left, i’m told its the same room)

Your reward for scrolling down here is knowing who is actually showing up.

>Doyora, Rift, Panties, Magister, and my dog.