Give us your tired, your poor, your bearded masses (AX table locations)


Just letting you guys (and guys pretending to be girls) know where we’ll be at. Try not to breath too heavily through your mouth. You’ll be in public. Maybe watch a youtube video on how you’re suppose to conduct yourself outside of the basement.

Pack your Fedora too, it’ll be sunny in LA.

Otherwise just bring your filthy dollars and we’ll keep your dick wet the best we can.
Rice will be debuting his second LoL book, the rest of us will pretend like we also matter.


D70: Kaho
D71-D72: pan!ies, Gebyy, Tetsu, Doomfest
J46: RiceGnat
J47: Mochichu, Weee

pan!ies at AX

D71. Bring thigh highs and entertainment, or either, or just money.

My new prints suck, but you should stop by my table anyways because Gebyy will be sharing with me and she has some pretty good yuri. She’s also doing commissions for cheaper than she should. I’ll do my best to undercut her (in price and quality).

I’ll draw your shitty chinese waifu in whatever compromising position you want as well (for the right amount of money).

If you bring your parents by, I’ll even talk to you like we’re on friendly terms (please don’t ask for my real name). Your parents will go home relieved thinking that you may have real friends, while you sit in your room fapping to that drawing I sold you before.

Here they are in jpeg if you want to pirate print them all grainy and low resolution. You’ll be stealing money away from me, which may keep me a bit more sober this weekend. Or just a bit poorer and still not sober. It’d be cool if you wouldn’t force me into tapping into my onahole fund.



rice at AX

It’s almost time for AX! I’ll be at table J46 in the alley, waaay in the back.

New prints:
ahri-2015 ashe evelynn

Plus some from earlier this year:
leona-diana yukari ecaflip

And of course, I will have Crescendo for sale as well. Make sure you have an ID that proves you are 18+!

Swing by, and check the sticky post for everyone else’s locations. See y’all there!

Printset for AX

I have a few prints that aren’t on here, retiring those but i found a few left of. Otherwise, If you want to pick up some SFW your-mother-wont-wish-she-aborted-you prints, I have some of that in the form of League Fanart. Table location on pinned post.

Come say hi, I’m just a dirty neck beard like the rest of us.



geb things @ AX

AX things

I’ll be at D71 sharing a table with panties. Postcards come in series sets and there will be a deal for those. Drop by and say hi and I might doodle a little chibi for you for free if you’re a cool person. ;3

See y’all there!


Sona artbook is officially done! Title will be Crescendo and it will be released at AX; like tell me a secret, it’ll be 25 USD. Online preorders will open on the MW store following the con.



Classic Sona will be on one side of the book, with Pentakill Sona on the other. Guest art will fit right in the middle.

Time for prints!

Oh, and if anyone was wondering what that wonderfully edgy font for the Pentakill cover is, it’s called Metal Macabre and you can download it for free :^)

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, tell me a secret is now sold out and will not be restocked! It’s gone for good! It’s had a good one-year run, and thanks to everyone who bought one :)

what’s the biggest avantage of living in Switzerland?

Well, the flag is a big plus.

Everybody doing guest art has been setting the bar quite high, so I did a quick two page thingie for the book. I figure somebody’s gotta make an effort to look bad

There were a few ideas for the story, some even dumber than the one I settled on, but this was the only one I could cut down to one page of plot without being too awkward. Maybe it still is. Always cringey when reading your own stuff. Like watching your daughter at a talent show. If she were naked. And performing a sexual act. And also being watched by an audience of perverts. I’m the father of a stripper.

I shall title it “Banana Salad.”
Or the social commentary that is “Sex without consent is rape.”

Also behind the cut, the other equally dumb (but with slightly more production value) Ahri doujin I did for rice’s previous book. Maybe in three more books, these things will start looking half decent and be without typos.

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