so i heard you like league porn


this will probably be next since i’ve been meaning to make a print of these two for awhile now…

ahri kat sketch

on another note, we probably won’t be shipping out orders next week while we’re at sakura-con. all orders that have already been placed will be shipped out before then, though! we’ll be back on schedule once we’re back at homebase. see you guys there~ :3

how a moon cuts his hair

eclipse it.

I don’t think I went to a particularly ghetto elementary school, but there was a questionable moment when it came time to watch an eclipse. I remember poking a hole in a big cardboard box with a piece of paper on the other side. It was supposed to keep us from going blind by casting a projection of the eclipse through the pinhole and onto the piece of paper, allowing us the joy of seeing an eclipse in person but not really. We were already past the generation of letting bones [and eyeballs] heal.

We would then all stand outside looking like dumbasses with these big ass boxes on our heads, pointed away from the sun.

And the teachers, with their bachelor’s in whatever was the sociology of the previous generation, might have failed to properly explain how to use them. And this was assuming you might be one of the small minority that managed to build a contraption that might have worked, with the instructions from a single magazine clipping shared by a classroom of idiot children.

So we’d just stand outside all organized in a line with out heads in cardboard boxes like a bunch of little retards while the entire eclipse passed us by. We wouldn’t quite know exactly when it started or when it ended, but we’d get a narration from the teacher or one of the few kids that had a functioning box. I heard a car honk as it passed by, not sure if the driver was laughing or confused.


There was an eclipse the other day and an anon wanted a drawing of his waifu watching the eclipse. He probably meant with a tinted lens like the kids at the private school down the street.


I thought i posted these, but i guess not. I should separate my sketch paper from my tax forms. But at least i cleaned up my desk.

I know I’m missing the rest of my stuff but, here’s my general cluster of traditional media I use (with extra stationary because the photo needed to be compositionally balanced cause I’m a bad person.)

List of stuff + old sketches below. I’m so rusty. Don’t worry, I’m the most dissapointed out of all of us due to the misalignment of this whole photo *weep*


From Top left: Color Eno, various colors, 0.3 and 0.5 HB and B lead. Muji compact Stapler, USB, Muji retractable lock ruler (clear)

From Bottom left: (Ink only) Tin case,Ink only ruler, Pentel brush pen (Black 101), Brush pen FP5M, Sakura Pigma Sensei,Pentel GFKP, Copic Multiliner 0.8,Copic multiliner 0.03, Sakura micro 0.05, Sharpie Pen, Uniball pen, Muji 0.7mm Pen, Pencils only tin case.

From mid Right to left (I’m a hot mess): Mono Zero retractable eraser 2.5×5, Color Eno 0.7mm mech pen, Brand-less 0.5mm pencil,Pentel Graphgear1000 0.3 mech pen, Pentel Graphgear500 0.3 mech pen, Zebra Drafix 0.3 mech pen, Red Wax Marker, White Gel pen.

I definitely have some Ink pens i prefer over others, but generally I’ve moved onto Ink with occasional sketching in pencil, and one in a blue moon sketching with color lead ( not being in animation school kind of weaned it out of me)