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…Nope, not here at all.



Not at all.

Pretty sure I’ve posted this somewhere before


But eh.

Just eh.

I don’t do this often if at all

But it was someone’s bday and well…it’s been a while since I’ve done anything MW relevant.


So~ So~ Did you see?


Anime revolution (AX2.0)

Posting here on my wordpress app huehuehue!




Manties’ and doomfest table isn’t set up yet because they’re a lazy lameass like that. It’s at Table 33 though!

Rift and magister are coming up too so this will totally be fun >w<~!

Alicia WIP


mild revamp of a character I have painted during my halloween stream last night

I totally don’t post enough


But derno, nothing really seemed appropriate until now.
Done for Kaho’s boss.

My Aim…


Is fucking steady


As usual just dumping work in progresses for AX prints this time >.> I think imma just dump my happy prints here in some superstitious attempt for it to turn out well LOLOLOLOL

I love Ashe. I love Ashe. I really love Ashe.


It will have her bow when done LOLOL

Been a while, calling in first progress




Livestreaming last night,
Because it’s only right I do everything so bloody late. *shot*

Maids and Miku (WIP & sketches)