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Is adorbs


I have a broken tablet pen right now so i had to resort to ambidexterity and the lasso tool for coloring. good thing it gave out after i sketched it.




Yeah okay, ill color something since medical whiskey somehow still exists. I only do tasteful things though, so you’ll never get porn out of me.

H-happy anniversary friends

And by that i mean Medical whiskey members idgaf for the public mass.


You’re my Dumpster now

Dumping daily sketches on here. Because who cares what MW actually wants.

Hanbok Seeu. Shes cute until she opens her mouth.

One day i’ll buy a scanner maybe.





Edit: i drew more and there’s no point making a new post for quick sketches.The post-it is there because I’m a failure. Luka is cut off because I’m a failure as well too.

You’re all filthy losers who need to fuck off

In other news I’m really bad at trying to fit in typography- didn’t want to cover the thighs.

Maybe I’ll find it within my ice cold basic bitch heart to color something one day.



I didn’t want to triple post

Miku’s just so fucking easy to draw holymoly.


Some ballpoint pen and digital doodlesrurururs.3 2

Double posting is hard

sorry, still no nsfw content from me





Moe is hard

Tsumai will cook all your food.

Real talk though how do i animay

Obligatory Ahri.


tsumai tsumai2 fijasdlifjsdf

THe Question of the Day.

Bringing you quality drawings one by one.


This is the first time i’ve double posted here i think.sento

I dont draw and post enough.

I thought about puns for 5 minutes and just couldn’t think of Annie.

I asked my dog to send me lewds, but then i realized she was already naked. (This is why i am not punny.)

Some 5-10 minute quickies. I never felt like a part of MW because i never drew lewd things, this was the lewdest thing i could think of. Double the head-gear, double the ass-burgers. ha ha ha.


*slinks away*

QLc0QkZ Tohaa8W xa86KpPblargh


I’m so awkward.

Elins are cute

So are shouta bunny boys.