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Purple x Black doujinshi is in the MW Shop!

It took ages, but my doujinshi is finally in the MW shop.

I’m working on another one and hopefully, I meet the December deadline. I’ll be at winter Comiket this year too.

Goddess Diecuts

For now they are just a Patreon thing.

If people like these enough I’ll put them up on the MW store.

Pounding Ryouna

I feel ashamed because this might be too tame for Ryouna. Next time I get a lewd Ryouna request, I will make sure to abuse her properly.

NozoEri [NSFW]

Friends doing friendly things.


Voting gauntlet thighs! Because the match between Camilla and Lyn was the best (or the worst).

Fire Emblem dump

Long time no post. I think I should post here regularly again, so here’s a Fire Emblem dump.

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AX commissions!

These are commissions I did at AX. May we meet again at another con~
NSFW content below

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nsfw con commissions

Commissions drawn at Fanime. :3

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nepgear in vert


Something I drew on stream today!

New items in the MW shop! :3

Neptune print, which would also cost $15.00 is also a sale item for $9.00! There are only 10 right now.


Mini prints (5x7in) set is available on the MW shop for $15.00! This is not a sale item and will not be restocked once sold out.