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4th fleet 4some & kchan not-quite-entirely-gaychan

c91 guest illusts c u dere ❤😂😍👌✌💕

she’s just a messy eater

totally sfw12-21 happy birthday love

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i’ve read enough manga to know where this is going

probably danbooru

9-24b9-22b9-23リカちゃん 9-24

mochi at…you know where!

an hour before we leave for the airport and we’re finally packed ( ´ ▽ ` );;
i’ll be the derpy girl at J47 sharing with weee, facing the back wall, right beside rice ;u;

here are some new prints for this month, see you guys there!


the kankore ship might’ve sailed…

but the moment i set eyes on the abyssal girls, my heart sank

so i heard you like league porn


this will probably be next since i’ve been meaning to make a print of these two for awhile now…

ahri kat sketch

on another note, we probably won’t be shipping out orders next week while we’re at sakura-con. all orders that have already been placed will be shipped out before then, though! we’ll be back on schedule once we’re back at homebase. see you guys there~ :3

pointy eared lesbians

what elf could be better?

8-8b elves ahri yuri

doodle dumps doodle dumps

what’s white and smells like squid?


it's feeding time

just squidding. it’s white octopus duh

first to start, last to finish. see you all at AX!! ;u;