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happy valentines



ooh, what, grab my nut get screwed

ow, here comes my shaolin style
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Commissionfest 2017

Listen to this song while you look at these pictures:

Stick art commission for @dogrunes on twitter:

J-List mascot commission:

Some samurai dude commission:

Commission for @slutwriter on patreon

Commission’d myself to draw my OC:

she succ me


not dead (yet)

how many layers of succ r u on

i dunno maybe 5 or 6

esfinalfinal30 jammu4  frontsamp

:joy: :gun:

“u should post on MW” – doyo (2016)

just a small dump

lucinathirdresmilliawip2milliakeychain6KAacrylic preview

pool party

i wanted to make this a keychain but i don’t think it will resize well, oh wellmillia4


i drew some presents for people for their birthday

i dunno

arc2 torif

add me on miitomo

c o m m i s s h


u ol semen demon