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I’m just not the shitposter I once was

I stopped by the drawthread last week. Another one of those things I should do more of. But step one: draw shit.

I should start posting here again

no joke.

just been sort of pretending to be kinda busy with life, you know?

cons cons cons

Lots going on this weekend for any of you willing to leave your basements:

pan!ies & Kaho: Anime North (Toronto)
Ricegnat & Mochichu & Weee: Fanime (San Jose)
Magister: Momocon (Atlanta)
Godshot: Combobreaker (St. Charles, IL)

That’s four locations and two countries. And all of us would like some of your money. So go take your bi-monthly shower and have your mother drop you off at the nearest nerd convention with some allowance money. We won’t require eye contact for purchase. We’d prefer if you didn’t try.

two termites walk into a bar

one asks, “is the bar tender here?”

weekend waifu shit. Not making a triumphant return. Or any return. Just shaking off some rust because i should make some prints for this year.

A very late Christmas Cards update

I forgot what the count is. 90 I think?
So far, two have been returned to sender.

why do you never see an elephant hiding in a tree?

because they’re very good at it

Oh, i got into Artist Alley at Anime North.

Also, a bunch of us will be at Sakuracon -but no table. If you have one and would enjoy our company, please leave a message. We liek to know which weirdoes to avoid.

any idea what a grape says when you step on it?

not much, it just lets out a little wine

Some more random waifu scribbles for the new year:

Hey girl, do you work at starbucks?

Because I like you a latte.

a waifu request. looking cozy and stuff.

There was a whole sequential story to the progression, but I’m too lazy to look up the WWD thread:

Some couples don’t go to the gym together

Because not all relationships work out.

Sort of back at it on the furchins.

I had a dog of a time finishing Inktober

it was ruff

I got a tweet saying this site isn’t dead and maybe we aren’t all just playing video games.


Anyways, too lazy to repost everything again, so follow the imgur link:
My inktober with some commentary