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Fandomcon 2015

Hey I’ll be at Fandomcon in Fort Walton Beach, FL next week. If you’re in the area and are going it would be cool if you said hi. I’m like, right near the door. Magical Flandre for placeholder. ss+(2015-10-28+at+02.08.40)magical vampire flan-tanb


fat and not-as-fat shimakazezekamashia ZKMSa

yeah hey

Thanks to everyone who came by my table during AWA, that was cool. pool - panda

I’m really alive this time + AWA2015

I said I’d be back and now I am. For good this time. I’m going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta this coming weekend. If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hello and maybe buy a print or two.

I’m selling a buncha new prints and some older ones.AA pool - ariane

Nasosi’s also selling things at my booth, so please check it out. Here’s a map to my location!

AWA map

it’s a ghost

or maybe just a bunch of slut ships and penisesnoshirof agano ktkm torpedoc zekamasi4


it’s been a long time since i last posted

i’m trying to get back on top of things

sorry for absence



seifuku seifukulily


references for my original characters Himari and Lily(english versions in the thumbnails)

minkyarahimari2 minkyaralilyminkyarahimarirotate minkyaralilyrotateminkyarahimari2en minkyaralilyen


i will try to post more

nagi okuu

so we did one of these

Champion Iris, Bell, and FABULOUS OUJOSAMA from Pokemon.3x3 grid otsuuu