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supah battoru station

it’s plain really. i like it that way though.
don’t forget snacky station too!

rice + gnat


2012 progress

it’s been a whole year? ALREADY? what have i been doing all this time…

my art keeps on changing so i cant tell if i’m getting better or what. ;_;

this is my 2011 chart:


hand turkey

Breastgister-sized influence map.

Added Ricegnat to fill in the emptiness.

Late to the party

But at least I label my shit

weee’s influence mappu

there’s a lot of artists that I get really inspired by today, but i’ve followed these artists’ style since i was 13 and still look up to them. Used to save all of their old works but my computer crashed at some point gu…


watarai and hyocoroad are major influences to my current art style.

it’s because of dan kim that i never colored my stuff. he can make black and white drawings look amazing so i developed a strong appreciation for monochromatic art.

everything else too lazy to go on about.


color experiment 3

using gebyy’s sketch

color experiment 2

should probably do a full sized image of these