Store Update: Kaleina edition

My Kaleina book now available for preorder!


Additionally, introducing playmats! Trying these out, maybe I’ll do more in the future if they turn out well.

Also, don’t forget Crescendo is still available. Once it goes out of stock it won’t be reprinted, so don’t miss it!

Preorders are estimated to ship near the end of June. If your order contains non-preorder items as well, we will hold them until the preorders ship.

Neptunia PVC Straps are in the MW shop!

2015-08-12 04.25.32


I’ve always wanted my favorite goddess with me so I had some of these made based on my chibi drawings! If the main goddesses sell well, I’ll have the goddess candidates straps made as well. They are being sold for $7 each.

A link to the store is at the top of the website or you can click here: MW Store

They are scheduled to ship on August 19th. Preorder status will be removed then.

I’m so happy to finally have a Neptune with me all the time now~ :’3



Crescendo preorder and AX prints

Here it is guys! Crescendo is now available for preorder! A bunch of prints from AX by me, gebyy, and mochichu are up for sale as well!


Note that if you order in-stock items together with a preorder item, the in-stock items will not ship until the preorder item becomes available. Like last time, the preorder will probably run until after ARev, so order will ship late August to early September.

Go get ’em guys!