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yeah hey

Thanks to everyone who came by my table during AWA, that was cool. pool - panda

can i follow you home

because my parents told me to follow my dreams




i’ve read enough manga to know where this is going

probably danbooru

9-24b9-22b9-23リカちゃん 9-24

zombie told me a pun to use

but he was dead serious.

I’m not dead either, but I’m not sure anybody actually cares. I’ve been hanging out in the /h/ drawthread to alleviate some of the faggotry in the /a/ thread. I don’t think I’m making much of a difference.





rito pls where skin

foxy titties

sorry fellas arev snuck up on me before i could finish

or maybe i am just teasin’ y’all

And now for some more tasteful art

if you know what i mean

bunny slut

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what’s the biggest advantage of living in Switzerland?

Well, the flag is a big plus.

Everybody doing guest art has been setting the bar quite high, so I did a quick two page thingie for the book. I figure somebody’s gotta make an effort to look bad

There were a few ideas for the story, some even dumber than the one I settled on, but this was the only one I could cut down to one page of plot without being too awkward. Maybe it still is. Always cringey when reading your own stuff. Like watching your daughter at a talent show. If she were naked. And performing a sexual act. And also being watched by an audience of perverts. I’m the father of a stripper.

I shall title it “Banana Salad.”
Or the social commentary that is “Sex without consent is rape.”

Also behind the cut, the other equally dumb (but with slightly more production value) Ahri doujin I did for rice’s previous book. Maybe in three more books, these things will start looking half decent and be without typos.

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supporting your adc

bot lane dynamics

getting ashe fed

i think this’ll be the last ones for the book! just gotta do the covers now.

get hype for AX people