Monthly Archives: March 2011

all the cool kids are doing it

Because kouotsu is a boss.

because everybody loves a good meat with bone.

Lolis love it. Kouotsu told me so.

Mahou Shoujo Yuno Magica [WIP]

Busy being busy. Hopefully will have some time available to finish it soon.

water fiasco

i suffer from not being able to draw ass-to-legs art, so more often than not, they wade in the pool


I should be working.

just bleh

Inspiration comes from

.. other artists.. like Ann here (from pchat) She is on the right in both drawings

Tomoe Mami

Late to the Mahou Shoujo party.

Process below:
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and stuff

she’s vulnerable, but deadly

go go magicka girl!

panty attack!

lolis and animals