I’ve decided to stop drawing adult material

only loli now.
maybe i’m just kidding.




  1. luv <3

  2. You’re supposed to make a pun in every post. I’m very disappointed.

    • that was pun.

      Adult > loli > KIDding

      cmon’ anon, get with it.

      • More like an oxymoron. Big > small. Next you’re going to say rhymes are puns too.

      • I agree to disagree, is that a pun too?

      • I don’t think that’s a pun….

      • Your pun mojo has been long gone. Better start newfagging on /a/ again and draw for them.

      • anonymous strikes again

        • You gotta admit, they are right~

            • Doyora
            • Posted July 26, 2013 at 5:36 pm
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      • I thought the joke was “adult material” meaning porn, but being taken literally as drawing adults when you said “loli”

        I think that’s like, a pun, right ? No ?

  3. kinda makes me sad :[


    • he will be in my heart, always.

      • some secretive shits goin’ on here, i can feel it in my secret bone

        • My secret bone just shoots out semen when I feel it.

          Then again, it’s not that secret.

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