what its love?? baby don’t hurt meeee don’t hurt me, no moreeee(8)


i don’t even know what i’m doing with my life anymore YEYYYYY!!


  1. You barely post things but your work is a lot better than the stuff Panties post.

    • bro, that stings.

    • wow, we in there, RAW.

      • wattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? (*゜Д゜*)

  2. the things i’d do to have a cute gif of my OC or me or anythign running like that omg ;_;

    • kaho-sama pleaseeeeee let me draw you a gif of some your OC PLEASEEE (just tell me which one and I’ll do it for you! ;_____;)

  3. is this an OC or another commission? :0

    • Pantiesssssssssss *glomps* yeah, it’s my own OC, but it was for a quick project for work :P<333

  4. W-what is that left leg connected to??

    • OH MY GOHS! you’re right!!! her legs were totally wrong!! (gonna change them lol) thank you so much bb<33

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