Anime revolution (AX2.0)

Posting here on my wordpress app huehuehue!




Manties’ and doomfest table isn’t set up yet because they’re a lazy lameass like that. It’s at Table 33 though!

Rift and magister are coming up too so this will totally be fun >w<~!


  1. That’s a nice setup. ;w;

  2. SO. MANY. PRINTS!!!! D:

  3. hope you guys all have a great time! continue the AX shenanigans ‘ w ‘

    poking your head out from between the holes in your prints oh u guise

    • The requires socializing and showing my brazillian manliness

      • just throw your thigh highs on the table

        panties will be over instantly to do all the work for you wwww

  4. those prints are so awesome, do you plan on selling any outside the convention?

    • we actually have a shop at xD

  5. that artist-pass…. isn’t that doyora’s artwork?

    • it is…. im famous now

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