August Anime Revolution 2013 Recap ( MW Meetup 2.0?)

Site was down, but i wanted to post this anyways.

So i saw my epic songtress idoru moeoriga-sama. I love her to death but she looks like one of the scary teachers i had from school. Fight or Flight reaction kept kicking in. Hajime is always happy though.


Pantsu led us into the depths of moeland (Asians everywhere) Everyone was giving his kawaii thigh highs knowing glances. She must frequent there often ‘^’


The stall of Takoyaki.


Obligatory food post. (From top left: Giant Takoyaki, Hotpot noodles, spicy noodles, red bean hedgehog! and shaved ice)


I drew, too bad it was at the con after Arev (random commissions) , but i figured since i dont draw animu ever i’d upload them anyways, who knows when the next time will be *n*

arevpost5 arevpost6




Everyone should come see us at the next con we congregate at :c and give us free food. Only if its delicious.


  1. Depend on which you guys go to, I had a fucking hell of a time meeting you guys. I mean I was there to check out Vicky Hung’s vendor stand. Suddenly I made quick acquaintances with God Particle and Milk Ink who drew some kickass commissions.

    Also, did Softmode enjoy the whiskey? I so wanted to see him and asked him for Commissions.

    But great to see most of you at medical whiskey. Now the painful choice of Sakura vs Fan Expo lies ahead of me.

  2. I-is that an empty box for the giant takoyaki or is it just topped with stuff that makes it blend in with the box?

    That would be very cruel if it was the former. ; _ ;

  3. g-giant takoyaki? * _ *

    and the red bean hedgehog looks too cute to eat, but it can’t be helped

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