difference between New Years and a loli

Only one gets better after the twenty first.

I’m not sure what to think of 2013. I didn’t improve much and I don’t think I came out better at the end. But accomplishments? Yea, I think we did fine on that.

Medical Whiskey had a big turnout at Anime Expo, and smaller meetups at Sakuracon in Seattle and Anime Rev in Vancouver. We had late nights, we had alcohol, we had pizza, we had a Wii. We even had real 3D girls in our room. Maybe even beta’d our way into a hug. While they were drunk. I like to think we had fun.

Personally, I managed to not get caught drawing porn at work. I (sort of) finished an ero-manga. I tabled at Cons. I drew over 100 Christmas cards. I drew even more waifus. I met some people from the internet that didn’t hate me. I even maybe held a girl’s hand. Handshakes count, right? I could totally tell she was into me because she ran away and never spoke to me again. Tsunderes are real.

And so I’m fine starting here again. Scribbling deliveries for 4chan.

Maybe they’ll even call me messy-kun again. Those faggots.


  1. Got my Christmas card! ILY :3c

  2. Really like my card! Thanks panties

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