cute girls don’t fart either

always full of hot air

Even thought he Christmas cards were supposed to be light hearted and friendly, there was no escape from the blatant misogyny of participants:






Last year had 3 NSFW requests out of 75 cards. This year clocked 5 out of 108 cards. The future looks bleak.


  1. Hey, I see my card up there. It’s brilliant and arrived in Australia last week!

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. t t tripple post

  3. Only 5? I expected a 1:3 ratio!

  4. Hey pan!ies, I love the Merry card that you sent over!
    “Nothing lewd. Just donuts.”

  5. Well, gotta cover the shortages of AKB0048 porn. Needs more Nyan Nyan. That’s my niche, if it exist there’s gotta be porn of it, and if there isn’t someone will pay for it.

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