I just saw a sad birthday cake

it was in tiers

Vocaloid requests were once again strong this year:





  1. Next year, I’ll just ask for Whiskey-san and a giant ahoge.

    • it’s like s slow playing doujin.

      2012 – meet in a bar
      2013 – watch a movie together
      2014 – ??

      • It’s gonna be even slower if she doesn’t put out on the first date. :/

  2. Ooo, I really like that last Miku sketch.

  3. I never got your card. Are you still doing some late ones? Or did I get lost in the cluster.

  4. That last one is mine and its even better in person. I had actually forgotten I sent a request in the first place. I was just getting back to the daily grind at work – then I get this strange letter. (And who doesn’t like getting strange letters?) The interestingly folded envelope and the little message were just the icing on the cake. The cake, in this case, being this beautifully detailed sketch from the man himself.
    So thank you Panties, for going well out of your way to brighten up some random stranger’s day, even if you don’t hear it often – it’s much appreciated.

    • you’re welcome. it’s nice to hear my cards are doing their holiday (albeit late) duty and putting some happiness out into the real world.

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