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I wonder if Christmas cards are a good way to measure the popularity of series throughout the years? It would be a bit skewed as people would tend to choose the western fandoms that I already associate with, or just lewd stuff that they would nmormally not be able to get somebody to draw, but even then, a couple hundred people is not too shabby of a sample size. In defense of the statistical viability, the diminishing number of Touhou requests is rather indicative of its current trend in the rest of the world as well.
Only two this year, and one was a freebie.

But, oddly enough, strike witches came strong this year:


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    • Posted January 25, 2014 at 2:28 pm
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    Touhou fandom moved to KanColle, methinks. The: “It’s popular, therefore I’ll be a fan of it” and the: “I need something (preferably fresh) to make yuri shipping of” groups of people at least.

    • ha ha you got that right

  1. That feel when my 2hu request was ignored ;;

    • we can’t all be loved. which request was yours?

      • Yuyuko x Ilya crossover

  2. Oh boy it’s the Perrine you drew me

    I’ll frame it and put it at the top of my shrine!

    • I have a little lockbox.
      Keeps the drawings fresh.

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