If only I was smart enough to study gravity

it’s a very attractive field.


Not sure if it makes me an elitist, but FLCL has always been one of my favorite anime. It had so much style and flavor to it. I don’t think anybody pulls it off as well as Gainax/Trigger.

I’ve been wanting to do a print for it, but just can’t think of a good composition or context to use.


  1. Always happy to find more Ninamori art on time for Valentine’s day.

    • For FLCL, I think I am also of the Ninamori persuasion.

  2. I for one would pay money for a print of yours of flcl. Or, idunno, probably money and presents and shiz.
    And I’d imagine something of Canti and Mamimi chilling in burnt ruins, but I’m not sure why.

    • i’ve always wanted to do an FLCL print, but never really figured out a good composition that I wanted to finish. Maybe someday. I’ll keep working on it.

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