2013-2014 Cards Compilation

I was planning to slow play it, but I just couldn’t hold my load.

After the cut.


I’ll create an imgur album for the full size ones later.

Random stats:
Canada: 20
USA: 52
Asia: 6
Europe: 18
S.American: 5

Male/Female: 78/31 (sausagefest this year)

Total postage cost: 159.83 CAD

Time spent: 1 dog year

Erasers used: 1/5 small MONO standard, .5cm MONO zero

Pencil lead used: 10+ pcs .3mm Pentel Ain, 5+ pcs .3mm Mitsubishi Hi-Uni

Pencils used: 1 Mitsubishi Hi-Uni, 1 Mono 100

Casualties: 1x papercut, 1x broken mech pencil

I took requests all the way up through the first week of December, so there were one or two that did not make the list this year. Not sure what sort of quantity I can manage next year, so I’ll probably have to switch tactics. Maybe a lottery system or something.

15 thoughts on “2013-2014 Cards Compilation

  1. I had forgotten about this until this week when I came back to my apartment and found the mail, it was the most pleasant surprise (even though you mispelled my name and changed it to a woman’s, but that was actually a nice touch)

    • I have three returned postcards that didn’t make it to sender. Not sure if it’s m bad penmanship, spelling, or incorrect address… but it’s like watching the prodigal son return. I’ll check to see if you were one of the returners or is now forever lost in the mail.

  2. I loved the picture you drew me! Thanks so much! I couldn’t even imagine spending 160 buck + untold hours for random people on the web, so remember that you are a hero! (Or at least you can feel like one after all this.)

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