Some of us are going to be at Sakuracon next weekend, So i guess if you happen to go, you should probably drop by. With the right amount of thigh highs and money, i’m sure one of us can draw you anything you want.

We are probably the best people you’ll ever meet at that place 😀

We are located at Table 304 and 306. Middle row, included a map for those who can’t understand my directions.

ahrisakuracon sakuracontables

(Exhibitor hall is on the left, i’m told its the same room)

Your reward for scrolling down here is knowing who is actually showing up.

>Doyora, Rift, Panties, Magister, and my dog.


  1. Oh nice, I’ll be there then o;

  2. >the one ahri on this site that’s not lewd

    senpai pls.

  3. magister??? well, gotta admit i noticed yesterday that he’s back, saw a new recorded stream on his livestream and saw it was done like 2 days ago. hope to hear something from him on here or anywhere soon though

  4. Was hoping for Ricegnat, I like that guy’s work.

    • By the time I’d considered it alley signups were already over 🙁

      • Hope you can go to at least anime revolution, but if you are at least going to be at Sakuracon it won’t be a total loss.

        • Sadly no, the only thing I have planned is AX this year. Next year Sakuracon maybe!

            • Kitouski
            • Posted April 14, 2014 at 6:12 am
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            No hopefully, make it happen next year. Small fistfuls of money demands it. ]’:

  5. Will be there. Will say hi. Will not harass. Probably.

    • get something lewd drawn up by one of the artists; i’m told they like to get harassed.

  6. I went got a some nice pics from you guys! Thanks for being there, I’ll definitely come get more stuff next year if you’re there!

    Also sorry if I seemed like ass, I didn’t mean to be. I just poorly conveyed my thoughts. You guys were right and I was wrong, after looking through my files. Yeah I was that guy.

    • And i think i was too. But sakuracon has quite a number of nsfw commission artists. Around 10 of them have a no holds barred commission policy.

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