what’s white and smells like squid?


it's feeding time

just squidding. it’s white octopus duh

first to start, last to finish. see you all at AX!! ;u;


  1. :3333 otsukaresamadeshita!

  2. The only good answer would be ‘Icecream’. Heard vel just scooped some into her mouth.

    Really liked dem colours, even the expression is just priceless.

  3. h-how would you know it smells like squid? D:

    • t-that’s what everyone in sg says!! p-p-p-panties said in the west most people just say it smells fishy though ;u;

      or apparently like chlorine, because when he was a lifeguard his friends would always say he smells like jizz LOL

      • mochichu you’re from sg(singapore) too? ­čś«

        Help me get some prints XD

        • unfortunately i reside in the US now, gomen ;-;

  4. Did we forgot the memo that vel koz’s tentacles destroy on excessive touch…god being Vel Koz must be complete suffering

    “Unable to experience reproduction protocol proves to be depressing”

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