More drawings!

despairmikanfssouda_  dangancorpse_ akane hope ryoko_Posting all the stuff I haven’t posted yet on here. I’m too lazy to color some of these right now so I’ll leave them here. Ibuki and Mikan are my favorite SDR2 girls and Seiko is my favorite Corpse Party character. It was too much for me when I felt the deja vu.

Genki girls seem to enjoy hanging with their friends.


  1. dat last one doe

  2. My way of dealing with Danganronpa is to scoop up any fanart that appeals to me and disregard any part of the canon that I find repulsive. That’s how I treat all forms of fiction, though, so perhaps I’m just a chronic cheater. Technology is all about cheating, after all, which is probably the reason why it annoys so many people in the humanities. They spend all that effort elucidating the human condition, then the techies come and handwave away all the difficult, meaningful parts. How much profound tragedy wasn’t summarily invalidated by the introduction of penicillin? Where technology comes in, literature goes out, or devolves into frivolous daydreams. I’m all for it, of course.

  3. Shouldn’t there be a spoiler warning? :T

  4. can u pls tell me who is that girl on th last picture i really like to know 😮

    • that’s ookami ryouko. i just call her old taiga cuz i never watched the show, and she sorta reminds me of taiga.

  5. I love your drawing of Ryouko, you drew her so beautifully. I’ll eagerly await to see it in color.

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