PSA: Christmas cards 2014 starting

Give me your name, address (formatted correctly), and request; and I’ll draw you a Christmas card.


I usually keep taking requests up until mid December and drawing up until just before the 19th. I doubt I’ll manage to finish every request this year, so they’ll be chosen first by personal preference and then randomly as the requests roll in. (put your shitty waifu request in early and you’ll have a better chance)

Last year I got over 100 done; this year maybe not:


1. Email me (medical.panties[at] your address and what you would like me to draw for you
— If you did it last year, send it again anyways. I’ve cleared most of my old shit.
2. Wait and maybe forget ever having given your address to a stranger on the internet
3. I make a meager attempt to draw your request and mail it out on my birthday
4. Receive card sometime in the holiday season or January, depending on your vicinity to Vancouver

1. I’ll listen to any request given and probably draw it. Artistic liberties (laziness) should be expected.
2. It’s a 4″x5″ card. Masterpieces should not be expected.
3. It’s free. No trades necessary, but that’s also fun.
4. I’m going to skip the requests without an actual address… because that’s just not so fun.
5. This is free, so I’ll probably be posting it around the internet or wherever I feel like using it.
6. But not your address. I’ll keep that to myself do my best not to have my car parked outside of your house every night.


  1. What about people outside of north america?

    • Just make sure you have your address formatted correctly and don’t request loli porn if you’re living in Australia.

      • I’m not really sure how the address would be properly formatted for sending things to Sweden though.

        • google it.

        • It’s a valuable life skill for the day when you finally decide to start buying figures of your waifu online, to stand next to the giant black dragon dildo.

            • Nya-chan Production
            • Posted October 14, 2014 at 2:45 pm
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            I can confirm this.

          • Wait. Is this implying that they bought a giant black dragon dildo in person?

            • Razor
            • Posted October 14, 2014 at 5:24 pm
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            But I already own figures of my waifu.

  2. Too bad i’m probably moving house by then :-(.

  3. Request sent!! I really loved the ones you did last year; and I’m so glad you’re doing this again this year! Thank you so much for doing this…I know I appreciate it; and I’m sure everyone else does too! ^_^

  4. Just curious do you send the christmas cards by itself? (one side the drawing and the other side the address) or is it concealed in a envelope? ^-^ I’ll be sending my request soon.

    • They have been in proper weeaboo status concealing envelopes so far.

  5. I can’t accept anything myself (dunno where I’ll be living), but I’d love to draw you something if you have an idea for anything!

  6. can you send some sort of confirmation if you’ve received our emails?

    • I second that emotion…motion…

    • I would, if it didn’t require me to reply to 100+ emails? I’ll look into having some sort of auto-reply script next year.

      Just assume that I did get it.

  7. Are these like postcards or regular cards?
    P.S you’re awesome for sending random internet strangers Christmas cards

    • They’re on 4″x5″ index cards, inside envelopes (sort of).

      • I love the sort of envelopes

  8. Last year turned out great, so I’ve sent in another request! Good luck on filling every one of them again this year.

  9. Just sent my request I know its extremely late sorry about that.

  10. Well, it’s tragedy that I’m living in foreign country… :(…

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