Richard got banned for posting selfies

the Dick pics were not appreciated

This was a while ago, but somebody suggested I draw girls doing normal things instead of the usual gun/headphones/gimmick. I was completely clueless to what it is normal girls actually do. They take selfies? That’s like their thing, right?




  1. You seem to like Tamamo a lot. All I can say is, good taste.

  2. Having periods is a normal thing girls do.

    • I am both disgusted and tempted to actually draw this. “Normal things girls do”

      • You don’t always have to draw girls doing normal things.

        Maybe just once a month.

  3. Severe lack of guns, headphones, and gimmickry. Just kidding, your art is looking great as always.

  4. Always love Tamamo you draw, and when she’s lewd it’s even better. How about lewd selfie with a gun and wearing headphones

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