mickeysI just finished Tinkle Bell’s new game and then I felt like drawing Mickey. :v


  1. The animation was SO smooooth and the graphic was exellent, too.

    Problem is, it’s data is almost 10GB…

    • Yeah, the animation is brilliant. 10 gb was no problem for me, though. I’ve got a ton of space.

  2. Did someone jizz on Mickey’s ass in the middle one or did he shit his pants?

    I need to know if I should be aroused or rock hard.

    • Someone jizzed on his ass. Soon, Mickey threesome with Mario and Luigi.

  3. Where do you get Tinkle Bell’s stuff from?

    • The internet. Or you can buy it for 23 dollars from dlsite.com. I like it so much I actually bought it. 23 dollars is too cheap for quality that amazing imo.

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