Edit: i drew more and there’s no point making a new post for quick sketches.The post-it is there because I’m a failure. Luka is cut off because I’m a failure as well too.

You’re all filthy losers who need to fuck off

In other news I’m really bad at trying to fit in typography- didn’t want to cover the thighs.

Maybe I’ll find it within my ice cold basic bitch heart to color something one day.




  1. another awesome drawing :3

  2. “You’re all filthy losers who need to fuck off”
    “It’s not like I want you to look at my drawings…b-b-b-baka!”
    Also, that typography looks fine. The thing that really matters is that you can ACTUALLY read what it says. You go to a store and look at a bunch of magazine covers, and the thing in the pictures covers up like THE ENTIRE LOGO, so you can’t even tell what the name of the magazine is.
    Keep up the great work!

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