why do you fags have birthdays so close to each other



Still love you all <3


  1. Don’t you know? Their parents all took part in the same orgy

    • I always expect something weird from the comics on MW.
      You didn’t disappoint.

    • But my birthday is close to theirs too…

      • Do you know if your parents were part of the orgy as well?

        • These are the worse indirect news I’ve gotten ever other than the time my first tablet broke and I couldn’t draw tits for a week.

          • At least we found out that your mom was Weee. Too bad we couldn’t figure out which one of the guys was your dad. :T

  2. My birthday is today 🙂

  3. fukken saved. thanks a bunch naso! ;v;

    • Happy birthday my dear gilf <3!

  4. Lewd Mario…Now I’ve seen everything.

    “Here we goooooo!”

  5. Good god this is amazing, I’m kinda bummed out I can’t see anything else along these lines around here, because this is hella sexy.

    Would OP mind if I reposted this to tumblr? Providing credit, of course.

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