A girl and a Christmas cake have in common

nobody wants either after the 25th.

Still love you Gebs. It’s just totally non-sexual now.




Ricegnat and Kaho helped. The people watching me draw this in pchat were perplexed.


  1. Your work is always good, but not always beautiful…if that makes sense.
    I’m your number _ fan panties.
    Soliliqy how the hell do you spell soloiliquy.
    I didn’t used to comment. And then I started commenting…I think about a year ago? Or maybe 6 months ago, I don’t remember. I usually just say one or two things about each picture and then finish with “Keep up the good work”. I don’t know why I sign off all my posts with that. I think it’s because I want to encourage you guys and gals to keep pushing yourself. To keep having fun, really.
    I know it doesn’t really make any sense for something motivational to pop up on a blog where every third post has 1. Dildo 2. Cunnilingus 3. Something vaguely but obviously sexual.
    I just wanted everyone here to know that I like your work and I have a problem with rambling.
    I’m super tired, because I haven’t been sleeping well the past 4 weeks.
    I love you all.
    Except Dan.
    Stop trying to beat me for first comment.
    Okay, I still love you Dan.
    Forgive me.
    Keep having fun.

    • Instead of writing these comments go the fuck to sleep you piece of shit

      • damnnnnnn

      • LMAO REKT

      • :(((((((((

    • Always having fun. Beautiful work only comes from beautiful souls. We’re disgusting inside.

  2. Happy b-day Gebs. Just remember, some people like cake all year round.

  3. >non-sexual now
    w-wait it was sexual before? huh. thanks again panties!

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