Sakuracon iki something something

We will be there.


Ricegnat and I will have a table with league stuff, the other MW members might be selling some prints as well (If you can catch one of them and give them alotta cash maybe they’ll draw you something who knows)

Here’s my new prints+ full print list+ Rice’s new prints

who know if my prints will arrive down yonder at this point. (fuck you customs)

I think we are at table 407, who knows. I feel unclean posting my PG rated art here, will delete later.

dj_sona_rgb_small mf_arcade_color_final  sona_Arcade_colorfinla_small sun_and_moon_by_ricegnat-d8n9xc0printlist



  1. And welcome to A-Kon. Prepare to die

    • Unless, it’s just rice coming

      • A-Kon will pretty much just be me and mochichu

        • Cool. I was really surprised to see some MW on the list. I’ll have some space on my table if anyone else wants to take that up.

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