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bot lane dynamics

getting ashe fed

i think this’ll be the last ones for the book! just gotta do the covers now.

get hype for AX people


  1. god damn… dat Ashe

  2. I was expecting King Sized Troll Cock instead.

  3. She’s got to drink man’s milk to become a strong carry 😀

  4. thank you for more ashe ily

  5. You did her nails <3 and any idea when the book will be available for order?

    • it will go up for web preorders after anime expo

      • Ok 😀 I shall be pre ordering it

      • When is the anime expo :D? Im so gonna get your Sona book and your earlier Ahri book and NidaleexAhri poster <3

        • First weekend of July. Unfortunately, my Ahri book just sold out!

            • Rosef
            • Posted June 14, 2015 at 8:23 am
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            nooooo D:

            But it will be restocked in the future, right >:3??

            • RiceGnat
            • Posted June 14, 2015 at 1:32 pm
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            nope, it’s had its run and now it’s gone for good

            • SovietGirrafe
            • Posted June 20, 2015 at 5:16 pm
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  6. 3 more weeks till we can raid your booth.

  7. You really have a beautiful way to draw Ashe, maybe it’s the hair- it’s looks so wonderful.

    • thanks! i think ashe is really cute with her hood down and fluffy hair

  8. >i think this’ll be the last ones for the book!

    “hype for some Osamodas/Wakfu nsfw stuff” intensifies

  9. So recently I’ve been playing Ashe and I can say that is an accurate representation of her getting fed.

  10. this is excellent!

  11. Ashe is my favorite champion, I’m so happy to see more of her :3 baeeeeee

    and what a lucky guy, go helmet bro!

  12. Aww, no more Arcade? And no Guqin, no funs.

    Even so though, the artwork’s been amazing!

    • as much as i’d like to do more, i’m out of time before AX!

      • Oh!
        Maybe I shouldn’t have read into that so much.

        I guess there’s nothing stopping you in the future if you feel like it.

        Either way, I really look forward to the book~

      • Rice, kudos to you for not bowing under the pressure for all the DJ fans. Draw what you want and we’ll enjoy it all :3

  13. Oh man! This is so hot o.o! Even if this is the last entry of the book, please don’t stop the flow completely! There are a lot girls of the league who could need some love :3

  14. I’m a mostly? somewhat* heterosexual girl but for whatever reason the way you draw sona blows me away. You continue to impress me and ty for drawing my favorite champion in such a beautiful way! ^.~

  15. Nuuu Ashe/penetration? Dx and is that one of Sona’s skills binding Ashe? Otherwise beautiful work 😀

  16. Any chance to have some anal action with Ashe in the future? You know, dat Ashe :3

  17. And you end it off with my fav champ getting fed.
    Ricegnat you’re a god; i might just buy 2-3 copies of your next book just to throw money your way

  18. Can u draw some riven please? She is my favorite champ and i’d like to see her naked:3

  19. You should do star guardian lux

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