19 thoughts on “foxy titties

  1. OMFG dude, thank you, thank you so so much for finally posting this :'(
    I’ve been waiting for 17 days …
    A bit longer than a week but … Thank you.
    She’s so cute ; w;
    A bit chubby though

  2. RICEGOD, this is awesome. I love it. Worth, totally worth the waiting :’)…

    Please, Akali + Katarina, Syndra + LeBlanc, LeBlanc+LeBlanc(clone) 😀

    And more Riven pls 😀 maybe a sexy ecchi Arcade Riven?

  3. I have a dream, that one day, I’ll become as good as you at drawing.


    but seriously, how long did it take you to get to this point? Lewd pics or not I haven’t found any other artist that I love more.

  4. Please no more tease!

    My body can only handle waiting for so long, do you think you will bless us poor peasants with treats soon?

    Also; you’re an incredible human being, thank you for existing, you are a credit to our species.

  5. Hey ricegnat,just wanted to ask how exactly did you develop your style of drawing?Were you inspired by other artists or is it simply something that you developed naturally over the years?

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