36 thoughts on “yum

  1. I can barely comment this. This fucking drawing is waaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYY too good.

    I’ll stop writing this to look at the damn drawing for about 3 hours… byyyyyyyye

  2. I love medicalwhiskey so much. Definitely the happiest website in the whole world wide web.

    Thanks once again RiceGnat, I look forward to your posts so much, as well as all the medicalwhiskey updates.

  3. Anyone else addicted to ahri, or rather ricegants posts? Cuz I know I am. Anyways keep up the good work dude, love your art.

    • Addicted to Ahri, or rather good foxgirls in general.

      Ricegnat’s art is nice though.
      Even if he has rather limited fetishes in his art. Someone should use a perv motivation beam on him! or just pay him enough to make these things daily.

  4. Yeeeeeeeees, finally. I open ur medicalwhiskey everyday, and when i find a new drawing im just so happy. This is one of your best drawings ever, she looks perfect! Too bad isnt POV style. Im a POV crazy fan, ahaha.
    Do some anal with her skirt please :D.

    Also as always, pls Riven hentai, and Akali x Katarina 😀

  5. Dear Ricegnat, you make the most amazing artwork. Please don’t stop, it’s the hottest shit I’ve ever seen and I keep coming back for more.

  6. Brother… u make a very good arts and they are just beautiful but can u make idk more solo or something? Why? Coz this is too hot… like the others… probably all your pictures are 10/10

  7. Probably one of my favorite drawings you’ve done of her so far. She looks so happy drinking it down; love how you captured that.
    Time to enjoy for a couple of hours lol

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  9. Keep entering everyday here, waiting for a new and amazing Ahri-Sona drawing :'(… and maybe an Akali, Riven or Katarina too.

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