rito pls where skin


  1. I can barely comment this. This fucking drawing is waaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYY too good.

    I’ll stop writing this to look at the damn drawing for about 3 hours… byyyyyyyye

    • don’t forget the tissues

      • Who uses tissues these days…
        Better than the previous one, but meh..
        Academy Ahri and no skirt-lift sex, something is just missing.

        • OHH yes please >< !!

          and in the same fashion, as someone said below, cowgirl style

      • I aim it at my face… IT’S SELF CLEANING, And/or magical.

        • This post is the definition of too much info.

            • Obi-Wan Kannabis
            • Posted August 31, 2015 at 9:52 pm
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            blame my teachers for always complaining about incomplete answers.

  2. This is so good. Everything just looks so lovely @-@

  3. can u make riven hentai art? you are really good at it

  4. Wow, this is probably one of the best drawing you have done Rice! Her skin is so smooth 😮

  5. She must love this to want it right down her throat. As always 10/10

  6. mmmm, i wish this can be made into hentai

  7. Amazing as always ; .;
    Your drawings are wayyyy too good

  8. just missing the 3rd part =)

    Rice, what’s the next champ? :3

  10. I love medicalwhiskey so much. Definitely the happiest website in the whole world wide web.

    Thanks once again RiceGnat, I look forward to your posts so much, as well as all the medicalwhiskey updates.

  11. damn man! This is just so awesome! I just love your work!

  12. You are a god. More Ahri!!

  13. yoo, ricegnat, can you do a drawing with her in the same skirt (maybe shorter) doing cowgirl?

  14. Anyone else addicted to ahri, or rather ricegants posts? Cuz I know I am. Anyways keep up the good work dude, love your art.

    • Addicted to Ahri, or rather good foxgirls in general.

      Ricegnat’s art is nice though.
      Even if he has rather limited fetishes in his art. Someone should use a perv motivation beam on him! or just pay him enough to make these things daily.

      • but this is a big reason i’ve always liked rice’s work

        clean but… sexy

      • I really love his vanilla works, it’s the best *__*

        His pervy level is just about the right amount

  15. Damn dude, you never fail to deliver high quality stuff.

  16. Yeeeeeeeees, finally. I open ur medicalwhiskey everyday, and when i find a new drawing im just so happy. This is one of your best drawings ever, she looks perfect! Too bad isnt POV style. Im a POV crazy fan, ahaha.
    Do some anal with her skirt please :D.

    Also as always, pls Riven hentai, and Akali x Katarina 😀

  17. The Greatest of All Time has done it again.

  18. Dear Ricegnat, you make the most amazing artwork. Please don’t stop, it’s the hottest shit I’ve ever seen and I keep coming back for more.

  19. Brother… u make a very good arts and they are just beautiful but can u make idk more solo or something? Why? Coz this is too hot… like the others… probably all your pictures are 10/10

  20. Hot shit, RN! Sex picture soon? And in cowgirl or on her back is the real question.

    • Francisco Rosario
    • Posted September 5, 2015 at 6:52 pm
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    Probably one of my favorite drawings you’ve done of her so far. She looks so happy drinking it down; love how you captured that.
    Time to enjoy for a couple of hours lol

  21. Rice!!!!! Are you alive? ;-;
    You didn’t drew anything this month :c

  22. I enter to this website EVERY DAY waiting to see a new drawing :C

    • Know that feel bro ;-;

  23. Keep entering everyday here, waiting for a new and amazing Ahri-Sona drawing :'(… and maybe an Akali, Riven or Katarina too.

  24. But m8 we need to see academy ahri pussy

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