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  1. Nice. Finally some ‘putting it in proper places’ art. 😀

  2. Bless you Kerasu. I could make a wall size version of this to stare at all day. Lux is my favorite ;;

    Now, if you could continue with putting it in the unproper places *thumbs up* 😀

  3. Finally a new drawing, its perfect! Im not a huge fan of lux though… xD

    Why not Riven, one of the most popular champs at the moment :D?
    And why not an Akali x Katarina… 2 sexy ninjas :3.

    • Katarina is an assassin not a ninja. There’s a difference.

      • [emerging from oceanic trench] Actually,

    • Please god, no Zac if you ever do Riven :< Niels already flooded the market with that crack ship and gets enough free art of those two already :<

  4. I love spellthief lux it was one of my first skins I purchased and it was awesome.

  5. Ricegnat

    just curious. Do you tired to draw Diana by any chance or you see her very hard to draw as attractive/sexy looking? Would love to see you draw some nsfw stuff with her :3 Maybe next art book could be white haired girls themed? Diana, Syndra and Ashe for example?

  6. HE’S ALIVE!!!! 😀

    We missed you soo much ;-;
    Is this lux from lol?

  7. WOAH SHIT this was posted on what happened to be my birthday and Spellthief Lux is my favorite
    That’s pretty cool, I should buy a print or something

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