11 thoughts on “spellthief

  1. Bless you Kerasu. I could make a wall size version of this to stare at all day. Lux is my favorite ;;

    Now, if you could continue with putting it in the unproper places *thumbs up* 😀

  2. Finally a new drawing, its perfect! Im not a huge fan of lux though… xD

    Why not Riven, one of the most popular champs at the moment :D?
    And why not an Akali x Katarina… 2 sexy ninjas :3.

  3. Ricegnat

    just curious. Do you tired to draw Diana by any chance or you see her very hard to draw as attractive/sexy looking? Would love to see you draw some nsfw stuff with her :3 Maybe next art book could be white haired girls themed? Diana, Syndra and Ashe for example?

  4. WOAH SHIT this was posted on what happened to be my birthday and Spellthief Lux is my favorite
    That’s pretty cool, I should buy a print or something

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