Fandomcon 2015

Hey I’ll be at Fandomcon in Fort Walton Beach, FL next week. If you’re in the area and are going it would be cool if you said hi. I’m like, right near the door. Magical Flandre for placeholder. ss+(2015-10-28+at+02.08.40)magical vampire flan-tanb

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  1. hi.
    i found out about you today and just became your fan.
    i did not know about the long absence until today and i am glad to see you are back.
    i love big breasts artwork.
    do you have plans for dlsite doujinshi cg about big breasts in 2016 and into the future?
    i would love to buy big breasts , oppai loli and breast sex doujin cg sets made by you!
    i wish i could have met you in those events , i was not aware of any of them until today.
    i do not think a will be able to travel anytime soon , so until the day i can meet you in anime events , i will enjoy your lovely art.
    thank you very much for thinking about your fans.
    i will always support you the best i can.
    i will even share ideas for future art and doujin cg to make that people will crave and love!
    one idea is a full color puyo puyo oppai loli doujin cg set! that has not been done yet. i know that doujin will be very popular as you are a popular artist!

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