Christmas Cards 2015/2014


It’s that time of the year again, fags and dags. I’m appealing to my M tendencies and submitting myself to the mercy of your shitty ideas. It’s almost Christmas, and I deserve a little bit of sensual torture.

But it’s not even past Thanksgiving yet, you say? Well I’m in Canada. Halloween is the last major event before Christmas. We got a remembrance day, which is sort of like a veteran’s day for Canada (we don’t really fight wars, so we don’t have my veterans to celebrate). And drawing ur shit waifu is like fighting a war anyways.

So here’s how it works.
You send me an e-mail at medical.panties[at] with a name, address, and request. If I choose yours, I’ll draw whatever it is you asked for (or my rendition of it because your idea sucks) on a 4″x5″ index card and mail it out on Dec 19th.

No rules in terms of what you’re allowed to request. Although you will have to promise me you are of legal age if you request something lewd. Or ask your parents to ask for you. They should realize by now there is no fixing human failure.

I followed a semi-random order in choosing cards last year, and I’ll probably do the same this year. Friends first, then randomly pick at everybody else based on how I feel at the moment. Sometimes completely random, sometimes because it sounds like a fun request, sometimes because it sounds like a dumb request, sometimes because it sounds like a dumb person.

I won’t tell you if you’ve been chosen. Just sit there and wait.
No need to send a return card or anything. Trading doesn’t guarantee you a card from me either.

For reference on your odds:
last year totaled 180 requests
my record is 108 completed in 2013 (unlikely this year)
last year was 75 completed (more realistic, but also unlikely)

and last year’s cards:


    • Nya-chan Production
    • Posted November 5, 2015 at 12:16 am
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    This time of the year again already? I have two or three from you by now and hoping for more, let’s do this!

    • Christopher RETURNS!
    • Posted November 5, 2015 at 10:29 pm
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    Christopher is BACK! And I love you panties. Thanks for doing this again. Always makes me happy.

  1. In WWII at least, Canada was full of badasses. Britain just shafted all your cool veterans and didn’t give Victoria’s Crosses because Canadians aren’t British enough.

    o ya, and cool cards. I keep forgetting to send in a request every year.

  2. Hello,

    I’d like to make a request of Suzuya from Kantai Collection enjoying/lovingly holding a pudding cup. Oh, and I mean like..the Japanese Flan kind of pudding cup, not like, the chocolate/toffee stuff you find at Loblaws.

    Kind of an inside joke from my own kancolle art blog.

    Thank you for taking my request into consideration.

    Here are some references
    of Suzuya
    of Pudding Cups

    • …..crap….I mistook the comment box for an online form I’m supposed to fill in…
      I missed the part about sending requests by email…so embarassing…
      Sorry about that, I’ll get an email done proper.

      • s’alright i gotchu, cleaned it up

        • Cheers to you, mate

            • panties
            • Posted November 6, 2015 at 12:52 pm
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            i left it up without any personal info so you can still wallow in shame.

            • RiceGnat
            • Posted November 6, 2015 at 3:44 pm
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            sasuga dear leader

  3. I’d give this a shot, but I have a crippling fear about giving out information.

    I wish luck to you all who submit, and thank you for doing something so kind again Panties.

  4. Well I might as well see about filling out the request, I’d love to get one of your cards ricegnat

  5. Uwaaa….I look back a few days later, and Panties noticed my comment…in the bad way. The shame is so real.

  6. I think my parents threw my only 2 from you out…

    Need dat Ecchi Sketchy One Touchy Ass Sketch from you~

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