you know you want to…

…squeeze those thighs


  1. YES, FINALLY. I’ll be need some…time now.
    Thank you RiceGnat.

  2. we have a winner

    • TheNinetailedOne
    • Posted December 14, 2015 at 12:24 am
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    Nice work, as always 🙂

  3. She sure is enjoying herself. She’s happy but not too much to reach ahegao levels. Very nice.

    • Not Christopher
    • Posted December 14, 2015 at 12:55 am
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    Okay, I’ve got a serious question for everyone here at MW.
    Do you guys and gals ever…enjoy your own drawings?
    And I mean…

    • I’m guessing yes.
      No exceptions.
      I mean who doesn’t enjoy their own OCs/drawings/ingame-models in general as well.

  4. That’s perfect!!!! :3

  5. Why yes. I do want to squeeze those thighs. On another note, I’m so happy we finally see Kaleina get laid.

  6. Oh yes, look at that drawing. Awesome as always, so perfect.

    Please I beg you, Akali and Riven! ffm pov facial :3, and maybe anal.

    Thank you for your talent RiceGod.

  7. Aw yis, Kae finally getting some lovin’! Love the lighting and the facial expression 😀

    • the fuck is a kae get out of here lmao

      • kaleina? as in Rice’s OC?

  8. outstanding

  9. Damn. I’m loving your art style, RiceGnat. It’s just so… perfect.

  10. Mmmm I love it, I’ve been following this for awhile now. Love to see that sweet elf getting filled. Maybe we can see her starting to show a little half elf in the oven a few months down the road 😉
    If not, definitely want to see more of her getting it on.

  11. I’m playing Syndra A LOT, and I can’t find good hentai stuff of her :(.

    Please RiceGod, do some facial, boobjob, blowjob of her POV style :D! I BEG YOU >_<;! Onegaishimasuuu.

    • Yes please, that new skin, Snow Day Syndra, needs a little bit of hentai stuff… and you are the perfect one for the job.

      Keep the good work RiceGnat!

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