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  1. Oh my RiceGod, always a huge pleasure to see a facil drawn by you! This is art, although I love big bewbs (like Ahri’s) this is perfection! So nicely done! I bow down to you!

    I still have faith that one day, a Syndra, an Akali or both will appear in this webpage! 😀

    • Silly people always asking for more League drawings… apart from a certain other game being clearly better in comparison, and having a bunch of worthy females that demand drawing(Dota 2!), you should just let him draw whatever he wants to. At least do the influencing subtle. :X

      Or obvious with cash, I’ve noticed that works with most artists as well.

      • RiceGnat can draw anything he wants, I’m just exposing my opinion and what I would like the most. Luckly I’m free to do it, so if you all don’t like it, haha too bad ;).

        Still hoping him to draw an Akali or a Syndra :).

      • I would gladly pay for more Ahri pictures, but sadly from what I heard he does not do commissions. So you should not be surprised that people keep asking him for it. So while we may never see anymore Ahri pictures people will keep asking.

        As a side note I can name on one hand the “worthy females” from Dota2. I have played both games on and off for the past few years but I keep coming back to lol. If you like Dota 2 that is fine, but your opinion of which is the better game is not wanted or needed since we are talking about the fanart of said games not the gameplay, but if you to be like that. I could just look at which game has a bigger player base to determine which people find to be more enjoyable, and while you could argue more people != better I think your need to even bring up which game is better is a testament to your own insecurities.

          • Oh, be sure I wanked with every draw u did. Even having a hot girlfriend xD.
            They r perfect.

        • The “better” part was meant sarcastic. But internet and sarcasm don’t mix… also yes, dota doesn’t have as much fap material, but still enough for people to have an interest.

          Also RiceGnat, when we’re at the topic of penises and wanking, do you use your own art sometimes? 😀

    • Rice is now officially known as “The guy who stated that he likes to draw League porn once and now people won’t stop bothering him about it”.

      Probably won’t fit on a card, though.

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