lunch break

because i’m on my lunch break right now

click for cum!

wordpress’s linebreak rules are fucking stupid and i don’t understand them


    • Francisco Rosario
    • Posted January 25, 2016 at 1:52 pm
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    dem tummies~
    You ever planning on doing a full ass shot of her Kerasu? like bending over something?

  1. God damn I love tummies. Also ones covered in cum. <3 Good stuff Rice.

  2. No panties version please!!!! ;—;
    I would love to see her tummies from this angle!
    PLEASE RICE ;———–;

  3. Is the Kaleina book dream real?

  4. Incredible, perfect, as always RiceGod!

    R u coming back to League hentai? I would love to see my Snow Day Syndra :D. Or my Akali >///<.

    • Bruh you post this in every pic…stop spamming.

      • I thought we had “Freedom of speech”, mr dictator ;).

    • banhammer incoming

      • Y u mad ;)?

    • stop begging.

      • Alright, I just needed an answer, because u know, basically u ignored me the whole last year. No need to be rude. I will still be entering your page everyday to see if u post a new drawing.

        Cheers, keep drawing.

        • If you go through his posts at some point he says that he doesn’t do request. Don’t even call him the rude one, you kept posting about the same thing every time he releases a new picture. You should have gotten the hint when he never responded to you after posting it 3 times.

            • FurchiDC
            • Posted February 2, 2016 at 9:35 pm
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            I’m the kind of person who never give up. So I need an answer to stop.

  5. Draw some loli Kaleina please!

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