char sheet


featuring doyora’s dumb tabard outfit with the cute hair ribbon


  1. Did the knee socks fuse with her legs ?!

    • By the look of things they’re thigh high tights.

      • I have literally no Idea what fashion is. How many different sort of socks are there even ?

        • Well I can list the ones I know. There is normal socks that only go up to your ankle. Knee socks go up to right below the knee. Thigh highs reach up to, well you know, thighs. Tights are like pants but are real thin and usually worn under a skirt.

    • yes :^)

  2. It just keeps getting better and better. Also Rice after looking at your books again and recent works on Kaleina I realized how good you do nipples, they compliment the breasts nicely. Doyora’s dress is also borderline naked apron. (Or just IS a naked apron.)

  3. So perfect! <3
    Rice I know you don't accept requests but I'll ask anyway 😡
    What about a lewd Kaleina drawing with a cameltoe? Just like this fourth one, but focusing on her pussy.

  4. Wtf : x is 😡 hahaha sorry

  5. They need to rework the : x emoticon, I use it all the time as well, and it’s not me being angry :x, it’s more a sarcastic silence.

    Honestly though, when I read “char sheet”, I thought there’d be a D&D character sheet for her, but hey… that just means I’m perfectly healthy. At least nerd wise.

  6. I really like this, not for the 3rd and 4th outfits, but really because of the different layers of outfit. I wish I could read up more on who Kaleina is.

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