2015-2016 Merry Kwahanisokalda Year cards collage


The complete collage is behind the cut.
I’ll post some of my favorites separately. There were some that turned out nice, others I wish I could have a second go at. But they’re out there, in the world somewhere.
USA: 38
Canada: 11
Japan: 1
Germany: 2
Czech Republic: 1
UK: 4
Netherlands: 1
South Korea: 1
Finland: 1
Australia: 2
Slovakia: 1



  1. Thank you so much again for doing these! Mine turned out amazing! ^^ I’m so glad you do this for everyone; thank you!

  2. Look, panties. I’ve been your number one fan for years. I’m even a bigger fan than Dan. But I don’t check the site for a week and I don’t get a card. You have my address. Please, Hentai Jesus, put me on your nice list for Christmas next year?
    Keep up the great work.
    Your number one fan,

  3. 66 pics in collage
    I know no one really cares but it’s the OCD in me, other than that, thanks for the card.

    • I drew some cards twice because I didn’t like how the first attempts ended up… so there’s 66 cards with 63 destinations. I think. I’m no math major.

  4. *///*
    This is too much

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