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  1. It’s kind of nice to see you return to Ahri, rice. Great work.
    I especially love how well you define body shapes and expressions, plus fangs are delicious.

    • TheNinetailedOne
    • Posted February 27, 2016 at 4:40 am
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    Finally some Waifu art :3 <3 !

  2. Is that because she loves to use wands? °u°

  3. I know it’s usually not noticed but that pubic hair adds a nice touch to the already amazing image.

  4. Ricegnat = God cumfirmed.

  5. Amazing, but glasses and scarf version to complete the joke where.

  6. I love the claw marks on the guys stomach. Also she looks so happy getting dicked. <3

  7. Good Ricey, finally some more proper fap worthy art.

    Vaginal sex, cowgirl position, some extra detail here and there, fluffy foxgirl Ahri, really, this is close to being perfect.

  8. RiceGnat. You never fail to deliver with your Ahri. Thank you so much <3

  9. Perfect as always rice 😀
    Intending to draw more league of legends this year?

  10. Could we get some adult tamamo x ahri <3

    • I’d approve of that. Maybe add some dicks though. Or tentacles.

      • na man it needs to be a clean (as in only them naked or whatnot) adult tamamo x ahri first then ricegnat can go wild. He has already played MGQ so he knows about tamamo

  11. You sould draw a Schoolgirl Ahri version … :3

    • should*

    • He drew it 🙂 you can see in the older posts

      • I mean, he drew a bj at most, I want to see her riding :v

  12. OMG, finally more of the most perfect Ahri version of the whole world :D. Please don’t ever stop ♥_♥. I love ur Ahri version!


  13. ily

  14. Is that him?

  15. awesome

  16. Your Ahri is the best!

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