26 thoughts on “kaleina comic

  1. Somehow, not how I expected her to be. But, well, the difference between expectations and what happens as usual.

    Still, excellent artwork! Truly worthy of doing a certain interaction thanks to it.

  2. You’ve been gone for soooooo long that I was worrying that you stopped making arts ; _ ;
    Oh how happy I am to finally see you back~

    Welcome back Rice \(*^*)/

  3. Been following your progress on it for a while now and this still turned out better than what I expected.
    An amazing job, if only I had money to support you on Patreon.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. You good sir deserve the internet today, ricefield. Is Kaleina gonna be the focus of your hard-copy doujin this year?

  5. I was wondering where you’d been for awhile. I knew you were working on something big but wow. The Kaleina book is going to be a reality soon I see.

  6. Wow.

    would’ve loved to see kaleina in this with her hat on more but i can see how it could be a problem in some of the shots

    10/10 rice

  7. Holy smokes – NOT what I expected at ALL when thinking about what Rice would post next.

    This was something else, great job dude!

  8. Damn, this is why u were absent all this time. Totally worth the waiting. Omg, this is just huge and awesome, and color full!

  9. That beautiful cameltoe at page 6 <3
    I've always wanted to see her from that angle.
    Thank you, Rice-Senpai ;-;

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