kaleina comic

it’s here :^)


Download the full comic!


  1. Somehow, not how I expected her to be. But, well, the difference between expectations and what happens as usual.

    Still, excellent artwork! Truly worthy of doing a certain interaction thanks to it.

  2. You’ve been gone for soooooo long that I was worrying that you stopped making arts ; _ ;
    Oh how happy I am to finally see you back~

    Welcome back Rice \(*^*)/

  3. Super lewd Kaleina, best Kaleina. <3

  4. Not that the dialogue isn’t awesome or anything, but textless version where?

    • one dollar on Patreon

      • I dont want to say anything, but textless version is already for free on the internet. Looks like somebody uploaded it.

        • if one dollar is too rich for you that’s aiite, it’s on you to find it yourself though

            • piempe
            • Posted May 18, 2016 at 8:05 am
            • Permalink

            If patreon will add more payment options my money is yours. And free textless version dont have 4 and 9 page.

  5. looks fantastic. hope to see more!

  6. Been following your progress on it for a while now and this still turned out better than what I expected.
    An amazing job, if only I had money to support you on Patreon.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. You good sir deserve the internet today, ricefield. Is Kaleina gonna be the focus of your hard-copy doujin this year?

  8. I was wondering where you’d been for awhile. I knew you were working on something big but wow. The Kaleina book is going to be a reality soon I see.

  9. Wow.

    would’ve loved to see kaleina in this with her hat on more but i can see how it could be a problem in some of the shots

    10/10 rice

  10. God this came out amazingly well, Rice! Thank you for making it!

  11. This is awesome! What a treat!

  12. ;-; SO PERFEEEEECT <3
    Thanks for this awesome art Rice.
    100/10 <3

  13. Sweet work man, keep it up!

  14. Holy smokes – NOT what I expected at ALL when thinking about what Rice would post next.

    This was something else, great job dude!

  15. Re~eally nice!

  16. Damn, this is why u were absent all this time. Totally worth the waiting. Omg, this is just huge and awesome, and color full!

  17. Aaaand…the preorders are now up on the store!

    Day 0…I mean Day Kaleina!

  18. That beautiful cameltoe at page 6 <3
    I've always wanted to see her from that angle.
    Thank you, Rice-Senpai ;-;

  19. Thanks.
    Thanks a lot.

  20. 10/10 would fap again

  21. Pleass sir, may I have some more?

  22. Beautiful work as usual, Rice. Glad to see you’re still with us.

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