Store Update: Kaleina edition

My Kaleina book now available for preorder!


Additionally, introducing playmats! Trying these out, maybe I’ll do more in the future if they turn out well.

Also, don’t forget Crescendo is still available. Once it goes out of stock it won’t be reprinted, so don’t miss it!

Preorders are estimated to ship near the end of June. If your order contains non-preorder items as well, we will hold them until the preorders ship.

24 thoughts on “Store Update: Kaleina edition

  1. Are you going to AX this year? I just need to know just in case so I could pre-order stuff.
    I always look forward to your posts every time I check my email so keep up the dream I’ll support you all the way! :>

    • I’m wondering this too c: Been buying from your booth from the past two years and hanging up your posters ^-^

      • Is it very troublesome to pack playmats? I personally would rather buy a Kaleina book and playmat up front at AX instead of paying for shipping online.

        • They kind of take up a lot of space and are pretty heavy. If I do bring them, it would probably be in very limited amounts.

          • Well if you’re able to pack 1 for me then I’d buy it as soon as the exhibition hall opens.

  2. For one, I am not ashamed I bought this, but I do have a question regarding how it will come shipped, will it be covered up or just flat out here’s your adult book. I ask cause I really don’t feel like explaining to whoever takes it out of the mail besides me.

  3. Hello,I preordered this book “Kaleina: Tales of Elven Tongue. ”
    I would like to know when will you start to ship.I am looking forward to get this book!

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