midnight tongue

i swear, all those blowjob videos i have open are for studying


this is what i’m doing instead of working on prints


  1. He get da SUCC

  2. OMG, this Ahri! GOD, she’s perfect! She likes it, you can see that!
    So sooo glad you are back to League stuff, your Ahri version is the best of the whole internet!

  3. Por Fin!! Woow PErfect! Saludos From Chile 😉

  4. Whenever I see those fingernails I just imagine them digging into hnnnnng.

  5. The best Ahri drawings are yours, FOR SURE <3 THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL *-*

  6. Is this your short-ahri version? Make a book with her and take my wallet.

    • There is an Ahri artbook :3
      You can find it on the older posts.

    • not exactly, just midnight ahri without the helmet thing

      • You mean Circlet?

  7. Ah! I should’ve known she looked too similar to your midnight ahri.

    @RRonan: I was referring to just his short-haired version of ahri which he drew awhile back. But yeah already own it~

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