overwatch dump

hanzo f

Some Overwatch doodling and sketching I’ve done recently. People seemed to make a huge deal about how thin I drew Mei but I was just going with the reference provided.

mei s dva s mchib s zarya s over-weight more like it


  1. You do hair like nobody’s fucking business.

    • Ooh thanks = v=)

  2. Love the Hana one! Please color it :> !

    • Since these have been popular I think I will put colors eventually.

  3. Wow, Hanzo’s looking very great. Love your style!

  4. Hey, I hope it’s alright but I coloured your D.Va drawing. I haven’t uploaded it yet, but it will be on my DeviantArt.

    I just wanted to make sure I had your permission, otherwise it will be removed. 🙂
    I’m not sure where else to contact you, so I’m doing it here.

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