sketch dump

nicoo s

Sketch and request dump. Last post for now.

I provide hi-res sketches and linearts on my Patreon:

moepirate s

mirai req

ls - ramenchris ryuko rq lr stream req 2


  1. Well this is a lot of stuff you threw at us this early in the morning gebs :v

    • Yeap sorry about that.
      I’ve done my dump. It may be a little while until I do another dump.

  2. Then I’ll be here looking forward to the next time you do an art dump.
    I don’t remember if I already asked you this or not but will you be going to AX this year?

    • Yes I will be. :3

      • Then I’ll make sure to drop by to get a print or two. Are you going to be with Rice because I didn’t see your name on the Artist Alley list?

        • Nope I’m sharing with another friend. J34

            • Jeffrey
            • Posted June 19, 2016 at 10:32 pm
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            Alright, I’ll see you there in 2 weeks time. I look forward to seeing you again :v

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