1. oh my god I didn’t even expected you will draw her (after I mentioned her under Ferry pic). <3 RiceGnat. God Bless

    stupid sexy Naru-nee :3

  2. I am so fucking happy you actually did Narumeia

  3. “The world it’s to big for two purple haired waifus u.u” – Kaleina.

    I feel a war in coming…

    • make love now war

      specially yuri love

      unless it’s war of 2 girls “fighting” over dick 😛

  4. Lovely, more plz!<3

  5. A legend descends once more and bestows great bounty. ʘˬʘ

  6. Interested in drawing Djeeta?

    Looks great, man.

  7. God bless your hands and brain RiceGnat, please take care of them, they are a global treasure.

  8. Nice work. Maybe a Cucouroux or Farrah BJ or a Rosetta titfuck? Wishfull thinking.

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